The power of many.

Enjoy enterprise-grade service delivered on the most trusted networks. MetTel Mobile consolidates the nation’s leading networks to deliver access to a broader and more powerful range of coverage, even to the most remote locations. Avoid costly dead-zones and get the best of both worlds with superior coverage and savings.


Earn brownie points with cross carrier pooling.

Quit taking one for the team, and experience the best available coverage for your area. At MetTel Mobile, we believe flexibility is the cornerstone of a successful relationship. Whether you and your team would like to stick with your existing wireless providers or choose from a diverse set of carriers, MetTel Mobile can pool employee voice, text and data allowances across all networks. With up to 30% savings for MetTel Mobile customers, it’s a simple, cost efficient solution, and your team will love you for it.

Consolidated Billing

Your one and only.

With the average enterprise receiving thousands of paper and electronic bills each month, losing track of vendors and payments isn’t just probable, it’s inevitable. Our consolidated billing platform streamlines the process, converting countless invoices, formats and bill dates into a single, uniform, monthly bill. Uncover savings by eliminating duplicate payments and penalties, and save the extra time and resources for what matters most in your business.

Premium Customer Care

We promise to take your calls.

Meet your new Mobile B.F.F. We understand that managing your wireless service is not your core business – it’s ours. Our team of specialists will guide you through every step of adjusting your mobile plan and will continue to provide ongoing, dedicated 24/7/365 support. Ditch the runaround and find out what it feels like to be heard.


Line of sight into all of your communication spend.

It’s amazing what you can see. Whether you’re at an enterprise level or your organization is experiencing a growth spurt, that increase in size may be leaving you with a diminished view of your company and it’s costing you more than you think. MetTel Mobile understands that while the big picture is key, managing the details is equally essential to the success of your organization. Whether you’re preforming an audit, reviewing your inventory, identifying extraneous resources, or strategizing for the financial health of your company, MetTel Mobile will provide you with the tools to assess your organization’s mobile program at the highest level while enabling you to prioritize and hone in on the details that matter most. After all, it’s the cogs that run the machine, and a well-oiled machine produces a better product.

Mobile Device Management

Take control of your mobile workforce.

With MetTel Mobile enabled service from AirWatch, a Gartner® Magic Quadrant leader, you gain access to powerful, award-winning technology. Enjoy premium Mobile Device Management software and start running all employee devices from a single console. Efficiently enroll, restrict, deploy, and control devices through your customized portal. You can also access end-user and administrator profiles, data and reports anywhere, at any time. With AirWatch you get to stay informed and stay in control.

Bruin Platform

Fully loaded and decoded.

Team up with a higher form of communications management and business intelligence. With exclusive access to our cloud-based platform, you’ll be monitoring tickets, procuring and tracking orders, downloading reports, and managing invoices in record time. Our business intelligence analytics and reporting tools decode large masses of big data to deliver real-time, comprehensive, and actionable views of spending patterns, variances and forecasts, company-wide asset distribution, billing history, and more. Start making more strategic decisions and find out how MetTel customers save significant dollars annually with our telecom expense management portal.