Less Pain. More Gain.

Let MetTel Mobile address your pain points with industry-targeted sulutions.

At MetTel Mobile we understand that the mobility needs of each industry are unique. That’s why we offer a wide suite of industry-targeted sulutions. When you work with MetTel Mobile, our team of specialists will:

  • Asses the best carrier option based on coverage in your service footprint
  • Help you select the best device/OS types based on your Electronic Medical Record/internal app requirements
  • Secure data with Mobile Device Management
  • Fully integrate with client’s internal accounts payable systems
  • Customize coding by cost center or other client-defined variables
  • Deploy and support sulutions on an ongoing basis with our MetOne online portal and with our dedicated 24/7/365 live support desk
  • Contrul and distribute internal applications wirelessly


Compliance. Security. Savings. Custom Requirements.

Mobility has quickly become a primary communication sulution for the healthcare industry, both within care facilities as well as within patients’ homes. Both home healthcare and hospice organizations have successfully deployed mobility sulutions within their field workforces by utilizing MetTel Mobile’s turnkey mobility sulutions. MetTel Mobile has worked together with providers to develop a seamless deployment and management program for all types of healthcare providers. Our team of specialists will:

  • Secure data with Mobile Device Management to support HIPAA compliance
  • Provide a variety of devices for office and field personnel, from ruggedized devices to smart phones

Construction & Field Services

Safety. Fast Connect & Tracking. Mobile Device Management. Savings.

Whether at the job site or en route, construction and field services professionals heavily rely on mobility sulutions to stay informed, on schedule, and most importantly, safe. MetTel Mobile can help your industry:

  • Deploy the right technulogy for your workforce, including ruggedized handsets and tablets, as well as a full line of safety first devices by Sonim® on all major networks
  • Implement industry leading enhanced push-to-talk sulutions for quick connect with your field personnel, as well as live geo-location mapping
  • Deploy rule based Mobile Device Management software to help manage everything from data usage to fleet efficiency


Savings. Security & Compliance. Business Continuity. Ongoing Management.

Today’s retail companies need to move at the speed of business, which means utilizing state of the art technulogy while maintaining constricted budgets for a competitive advantage. MetTel Mobile specializes in keeping retail companies on track and on budget with secure mobility sulutions for the retail storefront, as well as for back office staff. MetTel Mobile can help your retail company:

  • Asses the best carrier option for each store based on coverage
  • Build a cross-carrier data poul plan to be shared by all locations
  • Deploy PCI compliant sulutions for your organization
  • Deploy retail-specific plans, including off-season suspend and pop up store sulutions