Can MetTel Mobile offer a complete nationwide solution?
Yes, MetTel Mobile combines all of the leading wireless solution providers into one customized solution for your business.

How big does my company have to be in order to use MetTel Mobile’s services?
MetTel can provide valuable services to companies of all sizes. The benefits typically increase as your company’s device count grows, but you may reach out to MetTel Mobile for all of your mobility needs, regardless of size.

How is MetTel Mobile able to provide discounted pricing?
MetTel Mobile’s buying power allows us to purchase plans from the same mobile providers currently used by your company, but at a significantly discounted price

Does MetTel Mobile offer a user-friendly portal?
MetTel Mobile offers all of its customers access to our groundbreaking and highly acclaimed Bruin Communications Management Platform. Bruin allows customers to access live billing and management information for their account from any location with an internet connection. Bruin also includes advanced analysis tools that allow customers to better manage their expenditures. The same portal is used by over 15,000 corporations today, ranging from SMB’s to Fortune 50 companies.

How does my current contract affect moving to MetTel Mobile?
MetTel Mobile regularly provides its customers with the ability to transition services without having to outlay funds for early termination fees. Contact a sales representative for a bill analysis today, including contract buyout options.

Can I retain my current number?
Yes, your number will be ported to MetTel Mobile’s competitive pricing structure, and your services will continue to work as they normally do.

How does MetTel Mobile handle lost or damaged devices?
MetTel Mobile’s customer support help desk can assist in all replacements of warranty issued devices. We will also assist in ordering new equipment if a device is lost or stolen. Our warehouse can ship devices nationally within two business days.

What type of transition can I expect when migrating lines to MetTel Mobile?
Each account is given a dedicated representative to assist in the migration of the account. The representative will provide a fully structured migration plan to ensure that the transition is seamless.

What type of customer support can I expect from MetTel Mobile?
MetTel Mobile’s internal 24/7/365 customer support help desk can assist in all account changes and device issues. Calls are answered quickly and resolved shortly after.

Can I port over my current number to a MetTel Mobile number?
MetTel Mobile works directly with the national port center to ensure that our customers may retain their current wireless numbers.

How would I transfer contacts to my new device?
MetTel Mobile’s white glove support desk will assist you with transferring contacts, loading apps and even figuring out how to make best use of advanced Mobile Device Management (MDM) apps to increase your business efficiency. Your mobile B.F.F.’s are standing by to assist 24/7/365.

What is cross-carrier pooling?
For certain products, MetTel Mobile offers you a single pool of voice, text or data solutions to be utilized for multiple provider devices. This allows you to mix and match network providers based on coverage, eliminating the need to buy separate voice, text, and data plans for each carrier separately.

What is the fee if my company chooses to terminate service?
Charges for early contract termination vary depending on your device type and the amount of time remaining under your contract. Contact our support desk for more information regarding any charges you may incur for terminating service prior to your contract’s end date.

Will I experience the same cellular service through MetTel Mobile as I do now?
Yes. MetTel Mobile has full access to the underlying carrier’s cellular footprint. You will not notice any changes in cellular service.

Can my company still visit a provider’s retail location?
In some cases you may be able to visit a provider’s retail store. It will vary depending on the mobile provider used. To consistently receive an excellent level of support, it’s important to first contact MetTel Mobile’s support center.

What is MetTel Mobile’s policy for “buddy” upgrades?
MetTel Mobile offers its customers a pooled upgrade system so IT administrators and other decision makers at your organization can more efficiently distribute upgrades.

Who will manage if I need a replacement device or need to upgrade my service?
MetTel Mobile’s 24/7/365 white glove support desk will handle all of your support and ordering requirements. You may contact the support desk by utilizing the toll-free number provided to you during the plan activation. You may also use a dedicated e-mail address that will be provided, or the self-service tool available with Bruin.

Does MetTel Mobile offer international services during overseas travel?
Yes! As a MetTel Mobile customer, you can use all features of AirWatch’s MDM solution.

Does my company gain access to the full version of AirWatch™ MDM?
Yes, customers may use all features of AirWatch’s MDM solution.

What separates MetTel Mobile from its competitors?
MetTel Mobile sets itself apart from the competition by providing customers with a truly business-focused, single source solution, regardless of the underlying mobile carrier. MetTel Mobile’s solution also includes advanced services like Mobile Device Management (MDM), a dedicated 24/7/365 white glove service desk, and access to our Bruin platform at no additional cost.